Flying a rectangular course - AOPA Flight Training Magazine.
Turbulence in mountainous areas - AOPA Flight Training Magazine.
Automated weather station components - AOPA Flight Training Magazine.
Runway markings for "land and hold short operations" (LAHSO) - AOPA Flight Training Magazine.
Drainage system installations. Polycast.
GPS based emergency traffic control system - Forbes Magazine.
Satellite based emergency notification and response system - AOPA Flight Training Magazine.
Aircraft motion axes. AOPA Flight Training Magazine.
Center of gravity vs center of lift diagram. AOPA Flight Training Magazine.
Trim adjustment / Inset art - AOPA Flight Training Magazine.
Missed approach considerations for turbine aircraft - AOPA Pilot Magazine.
Landing distances for turbine aircraft - AOPA Pilot Magazine.
Flight Management Systems / Vertical Navigation Approach - AOPA Pilot Magazine.
Infographic depicting world oil reserves and production capabilities - National Geographic Magazine.                    Art by Juan Velasco / Art Direction by Charles Floyd.
500 Kv powerline insulator assembly - exploded view. Hubbell Power Systems.
350 Kv powerline insulator assembly. Hubbell Power Systems.
Stem Cell explainer - National Geographic Magazine.
Rat brain nicotine receptors - Science News Magazine
Informational poster: P-51 Mustang. Famous World War II fighter contributed to Allied Victory.
High and low pressures of helicopter main rotors.
Comparison of aircraft glide distances and capabilities - AOPA Flight Training Magazine.

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